Spirits and the Spirit World

I think one of the most misunderstood things in religion is people don’t make the connection that they are spirit in body and that spirits without bodies are no different than they are. I come across people who seem terrified by the prospects that a spirit may come and visit them. If a spirit comes and visits you 99.9% of the time he or she has come to give you a message or help you. You can always ask if they are from the white light. They will answer truthfully and if they are not you can consul with them to go to the white light.

Best numerology software

numerologyNumerology is widely used to know the behaviour and predictions associated with an individual or a couple. This is because numerology has proved to be very accurate in analyzing an individual’s characteristic features and personality traits. This information about a person is entirely based on proved numerological calculations of numbers of date of birth, names, life path number, lucky number etc.

The Teachings of Jesus

Something has been happening to me. I’m not sure when it began, or even how it happened, but it’s happening none the less. I’ve been experiencing a quality of peace, calm and serenity in my life that I never dreamed I’d obtain. Oh I’ve had twinges of it, moments that would last for awhile, but this is different. I’m not experiencing fear anymore.

Forgiveness... Why Can't You Let Go?

The theme of this issue of the American Spirit Newspaper is “Forgiveness: Why can’t you let go?” Forgiveness is a word that has a great emotional charge to it. We hear it and many different images come to our mind. For some it brings up religious symbols such as Jesus on the cross forgiving the world. Others are reminded of heartbroken lovers in acts of betrayal, or friends who have done one another harm.