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The American Spirit News-paper was a smorgasbord for the soul. " We know that no one is just a body walking around, but that the intelligence that moves and directs that body around is really you, the spirit. How often are you addressed on this level? Not very often, yet it is your real identity." Each issue included articles that gave their readers material to reflect upon, to make use of, and enjoy.

Content is from the site's 2002 -2008 archived pages. providing a brief glimpse of what this site offered its readership.

The American Spirit newspaper is an educational newspaper that has been published since 1992. The goal of the paper is to educate (bring out into the open) people about what is going on behind the scenes in all areas of their life, especially finances, the economy, spirituality, family, medicine, health issues, healing, etc.

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Health of a Nation

Ten years ago, when the American Spirit Newspaper first began, health care in America was one of the pressing topics in the news, and we addressed this issue in our publication. In the 1980’s an aging population and an increase in the number of new and expensive medical treatments drove medical costs up, and the number of people who could not afford health care rose. By the early 1990’s people were asking for a reform of the health care system to accommodate these changes, and our nation’s health care system was under scrutiny like never before. Despite this cry for change, Congress scrapped President Clinton’s complex plan to overhaul health care, and the topic of health care reform receded into the background. Since then, there have been a few changes in the health care system in America. More recently, the topic has again made headlines and the issue is once more under debate, therefore we have once again found it pressing to address the topic of America’s health care crisis.
Recent polls tell us that Americans lack confidence in the quality, cost and accessibility of medical care. According to the National Coalition of Health Care, eight out of ten Americans believe there is something seriously wrong with our health care system. The majority of Americans also feel that the government should play an active role in improving the quality of health care.
According to the National Institute for Health Care Management heath insurance premiums rose an average of 11% in 2001. Furthermore, a recent study by the National Coalition on Health Care predicts that health care costs will rise 2 to 2 1/2 times as fast as the rate of inflation over the next five years. Small businesses and the middle class will be effected most severely, losing the highest percentage of their incomes to health care inflation.
This rise in the cost of health care is due in part to the high cost of caring for the over 40 million Americans who are uninsured. Little progress has occurred over the past decade with respect to the uninsured. Though the number of uninsured has fallen in recent years, that number is expected to rise significantly in coming years due to the recent recession. On the bright side, however, the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHP) has done much to help insure America’s low-income children.
Since the early 1990’s the primary changes in health care in America have come from employers who have acted on their own to control health care costs. They have done this mainly through requiring their employees to join managed-care programs, such as HMO’s. Today over 100 million Americans are covered by managed-care health insurance programs. HMO’s are the most popular of the managed-care programs, but there are other programs. All managed-care programs require their patients to use a network of approved doctors and hospitals, or pay more to see a doctor who is outside of that network. In addition, managed-care programs review the procedures doctors employ, and make determinations regarding what they consider necessary procedures. In this way costs are kept down.
Those who support managed-care programs say that the system reduces wasteful spending due to their review policy, which eliminates unnecessary tests and procedures, and that as a consequence health care becomes more affordable for all Americans. They also say they encourage people to get early preventative treatment, because routine visits to the doctor are covered by a small co-pay fee. Supporters argue that the state of health care in America will improve if we move further in the direction of managed-care programs. They believe we can achieve a balance between cost-containment and quality health care.
Critics of managed-care programs argue that they impose too many restrictions, and that in their attempt to control costs and reduce excess they sacrifice quality care. Some progress has been made with respect to manage-care programs recently with the adoption, by some states, of the “Patients Bill of Rights”. The “Patients Bill of Rights” authorizes managed-care patients to see a specialist if they want, have emergency treatment at any hospital and to appeal any denial of coverage. Similar rights have been given to Medicare and Medicaid patients. Laws have also been passed in recent years which make it harder for insurance companies to refuse coverage to people with pre-existing conditions.
Two-thirds of Americans get their health insurance from their employer. Nearly all the elderly get coverage under the government’s Medicare program. Medicare and Medicaid also give coverage to 40 million of the poorest Americans. However, due to severe income restrictions there are still a large portion of poor who do not receive coverage under this program. Those who work in low-wage jobs or who work for small businesses that can not afford health benefits are often left without coverage. As a consequence, some argue that employers should be required to provide at least a minimum standard of medical benefits to cover preventative and acute care. To cover the medical needs of everyone else, the government should provide an expanded Medicare program. This argument seems to reflect the beliefs of the majority of Americans. When polled 88% Americans said that the government should provide health insurance coverage for children who need it, and 74% want to extend this to include all adults who need it.
It appears that the government will have to step in to assist with America’s health care problem. The majority of American’s get their health insurance through their employers. However, employers are finding that they will be forced to make changes in the quality of coverage they provide their employees. A poll conducted by Baylor College of Medicine found that 92% of employers are likely to do one or more of the following over the next 5 years: shift more employees into managed-care programs, employ more part-time workers or shift full-time employees to part-time jobs without benefits, introduce a defined contribution plan, or drop some or all healthcare coverage for employees, dependents and retirees. Such changes will throw more people into the ranks of the uninsured which will further drive up the cost of medical insurance for the rest of America.
In an attempt to curb these trends President Bush recently proposed $300 million to expand health care coverage. His plan includes tax credits to help the uninsured buy coverage, medical savings accounts that are designed to encourage people to save money for their medical bills, and a prescription drug discount card for the elderly. However, at the same time that the President is proposing these changes, the government is hoping to control costs by limiting payments for Medicare and Medicaid. Therefore, while some may benefit by these proposed changes, their gain will be bittersweet given the losses of those who rely on Medicare and Medicaid.
America is the only industrialized nation that leaves so many of its people uninsured. We are one of the richest nations in the world, yet we seem unable or unwilling to solve the very pressing issues surrounding the health care crisis we continue to face. Adequate health care is a necessity, and should therefore be one of our basic human rights. Without it, we experience being in survival, shame and the looming fear of health problems that we can’t handle. This is unnecessary in such a prosperous society as ours. It is my hope that this country of ours will take up the call to reform our health care system so that everyone can receive adequate care.



The Truth About Hypnosis


Although hypnosis has been practiced for many, many centuries, it still remains misunderstood and misrepresented by much of society today.

Recently, a national morning show had a series on hypnosis. A hypnotist had several people in trance who were acting out various suggestions. On a given cue, they would all go back into trance, slumped over and leaning on one another. For all practical purposes it looked as though they were sleeping. I was enjoying the show, happy that hypnosis was getting such great attention.

When the demonstration was over, the reporter asked the participants what they had experienced during the segment, especially when they were so relaxed and leaning on each other. They all replied "I was a sleep. I wasn't aware of anything. I was totally sleeping."

This is where people are given misleading information about hypnosis. When you are in hypnosis, you are not sleeping like when you go to bed at night. You are in a trance-like-sleep, where your body and mind are relaxed together. For an observer, it may appear as if the person is indeed sleeping, but they are not. When in hypnosis you are totally alert, totally aware. You have simply by-passed the critical factor of the conscious mind and moved into your subconscious mind.

I have been told by many clients that they had been to a hypnotherapist before, but never went into hypnosis. I asked them why they believed they were not in trance. The responses were always the same. "Well, I never went to sleep. I heard everything the hypnotherapist was saying. I remember everything that took place. I didn't feel like I was hypnotized."

These are some facts about being in hypnosis.

1) You are not sleeping, like at night in bed.

2) You are very aware of things going on around you. In fact, hypnosis is a heightened state of awareness. You are more tuned in to your surroundings, but so relaxed that things in the environment such as noises outside, a phone ringing etc., don't bother you.

3) Unless given a post hypnotic suggestion for therapeutic reasons, you will remember everything you choose to remember about the session.

4) There is no weird feeling when in hypnosis. Hypnosis is a natural state of mind we go into all the time. If you've ever spaced out during a class or at work and started daydreaming, you were in a light state of hypnosis.

5) You can choose to come out of hypnosis any time you want to. However, it is such a pleasurable, relaxing feeling, most likely you'll decide to remain there for as long as you can!

6) You are the one in control. If the hypnotherapist gives you a suggestion you are not comfortable with, you won't accept it. This is why you see a stage hypnotist send people back to their seats in the audience - they were not in agreement to following instructions and accepting suggestions. Does this mean the hypnotist wasn't very good? No. It simply means that even the best hypnotist can't make you do something you just don't want to do! Remember, hypnosis is a consent state. You are making an agreement between you and the facilitator that you will follow their instructions in order to be guided into trance. No one can make you go into trance without your agreement.

Can everyone be hypnotized?

Most people can easily be guided into trance. These are the basic "guidelines".

1) You must have an IQ of 70 or higher.

2) You must be willing to follow instructions.

Of course there are other situations which would make it difficult to go into trance, but for most people, that's all you need.

How will I know if I'm hypnotized?

This is a very important aspect for the client to know. When someone is in trance, they will have certain physiological things happening so the hypnotherapist can tell that they are in hypnosis. Eyes becoming red and watery are two examples. However, even if the hypnotist told you, "Oh yes, you went very deep, I could tell", but you had no proof, what good would it do?

A good hypnotherapist will always have you do certain exercises when in trance, that can only be done from the subconscious mind. We call these "convincers". Let me explain why this is so important.

Your subconscious mind does not know the difference between what is real and what is not real. When a suggestion is accepted into the subconscious mind, it has got to happen - there's no way it can't happen. So if you are told your eyes are locked tight and you try to open them and can't - that becomes a convincer. Or maybe the suggestion is that your arm is so heavy it feels impossible to lift. You try to lift that arm and by God, it feels too heavy, you just can't lift it. That becomes a convincer. 'Deductive reasoning says there's no logical reason why I couldn't open my eyes or lift my arm - but I couldn't. Wow, I must be hypnotized!' Now you will more readily accept the ideas for healing and change you are seeking.

People also tell me, "oh I'm much too stressed out and uptight to be hypnotized, I'm not relaxed." You do not need to be relaxed before going into trance! Relaxation is a by-product of having been in hypnosis, not a pre-requisite!

I believe everyone should know how to be guided into their subconscious mind, if for no other reason, than to release stress. It is a powerful tool available to us all. You can amaze yourself if given the opportunity. The more we can get the correct information about hypnosis out to the people, the more people can have the direct experience for themselves. And that's what it's all about!



The Online Source For Psychic Awareness

2008 Is Gonna Be Great!
By Rick Greer

Eight, the number of magic and new beginnings. The new year is here, what are your choices going to be? Your divine birthright is available to you…NOW! That's right, it is in the NOW that you can Naturally Operate Wonders. In the NOW you can get in touch with your spiritual right to know yourself, to set goals, live in freedom, be serene and prosper.

This issue of InSight begins with the keystone to being in the NOW, meditation. You will see, in this article, that meditation is the key to being guided from within. We also feature an article on Ghost Hunters and the students in the Clairvoyant Training Program doing psychic readings on houses that have "visitors" in them.

There is a balancing act happening on our planet. The need for light, an increase in awareness and compassion is greater than ever. Why not start this new year off with the man/woman in the mirror? Learn to say hello to yourself the kindergarten way, learn to go within and be amused.



What Happens When A Spirit Gets Stuck

By Debi Livingston, BCH, CI

“Debi!” I heard my grandmother call me clearly. “Debi, come over here.” The next thing I knew, I was standing beside my body, which was sleeping in bed. I looked across my room and saw my grandmother standing in an open space, with two males on either side of her. “Nana, what are you doing here?” I asked, not totally certain just exactly where ‘here’ was. I was living in Seattle at the time, but my grandmother was in a nursing home in Connecticut. I knew I was in my bedroom, but the open space was not a place I recognized. “Deborah Jane, come see me.” We continued talking back and forth like this for a while until she simply said, “I love you, Debi.” Then I realized I was out of my body, proved it to myself by putting my arm through the wall, got scared and woke-up. In the morning my mother called with some ‘sad’ news. “Let me guess,” I said, “Nana passed away last night.” “How the hell did you know that?” was all my mom could say. I explained how Nana had been visiting me all night to say good-bye. A few years later I was looking through old family photos and recognized one of the males I had seen my grandmother with as she made her transition; he was her brother. In a psychic reading I was told both males were acting as her guides to help her step over to the other side.

Seeing ghosts was not an uncommon event for me throughout my life. Growing up in New England, it was rather accepted as the “norm”. I lived in a two family farmhouse; we occupied the bottom floor and Grammy and Grandpa D. lived in the second floor apartment. When they passed away, we all knew they were still upstairs. We’d hear Grammy’s rocking chair squeaking at the exact hour she used to listen to the soaps on TV. We’d hear the bed springs creak at the hours they would go to bed and get up in the morning. Sometimes we would hear the sound of Grammy’s cane thumping on our living room ceiling. We used to have a party line and if the call were for us, Grammy would thump on her floor to let us know to pick up the phone. One night we heard this sound and my mother actually answered the phone, forgetting the house was empty upstairs!

For a period of ten years I had recurring dreams about Grammy. She was always trying to tell me something but I never knew what. One night my brother called saying he and his friends had actually seen Grammy standing in her bedroom window. He described to me the dress she was wearing the day she died. As he was only four when she passed away, there was no way he could have known what she was wearing when I found her dead. It so happened I was getting a psychic reading that night and asked about her. The readers said Grammy had been contacting me for years because on a spirit level, I had an agreement to help her. She was a stuck spirit, still living in her house. She didn’t fully realize she was no longer in her physical body. Now she was ready to take her next step in growth as a spirit, so contacted my brother, who then called me. The psychic readers sent two spirit guides down to help her leave the house. The next time I went home I went to the house and knew she was gone.

While in college I moved into a newly renovated house. Every night an elderly woman sitting at the end of my bed waked me. She seemed harmless enough, but I was beginning to get annoyed. Finally I asked her what she wanted. She said she was lonely and missed her family, then let me know I was sleeping in her sewing room. Again, I had a psychic reading and explained what was happening. The readers tuned in to the spirit of the woman and said she was stuck because her life had ended abruptly. They also taught me that the easiest way for a spirit to get a healing was to simply say, “Hello, I see you, I know that you are there.” The next night I said hello to her spirit, and asked her not to return because I needed my rest. I also asked my landlord about the history of the house. He said there had been a murder in one of the upstairs rooms several years earlier. This validated my reading – but I moved anyways!

Why does a spirit get stuck? You have a physical body and you have an energy body called the astral body. When you sleep at night, you move out of your physical body and into your astral form so you can travel around the astral planes. You remember these travels as dreams. If an individual has never been taught they are a spirit, they live their life believing to be the body. When the body “dies”, they step into their astral form; yet it looks just like their physical shell, so many times they don’t even know they are physically dead. They talk to people and can’t understand why everyone is ignoring them! They are stuck, thinking they are still living a normal life.

Seeing a ghost is seeing a stuck spirit. There’s nothing to be afraid of, and all you need to do to help that spirit get a healing is to say “Hello. I see you.” A little validation goes a long way! Hello! 

Debi Livingston is a Board Certified Hypnotist and Instructor with the National Guild of Hypnotists, and is chapter leader of the award winning Northern California Chapter of the NGH. She is director of ISHI School of Hypnosis Training in Berkeley, CA.



The Meditation Mambo
By Ann Savino

I remember when I first started on my path of spiritual education. I had just graduated from college and was looking for meaningful work while trying to pay my bills. My family had just moved out of the area and I was pretty much alone. It was an exciting time, but I also felt overwhelmed and really didn't have any kind of support around me.

For me, what I struggled with the most was being able to trust my own information. What was right? What was wrong? Which decision should I make? What path should I take? I didn't trust my own information any more than I trusted someone else's. Basically, I was looking for truth and didn't know where to find it. Intuitively I knew that nobody could answer these questions for me. I knew the answers were within me, but I didn't know how to access them.

I clearly remember knowing that meditation was the answer, but I didn't know how to meditate. The few times I had done it, it was boring and uncomfortable, more like a chore than getting in touch with God within. I had tried some eastern meditation that was offered with yoga classes I was taking. It was relaxing, but I was uncomfortable with the format of chanting in a foreign tongue and having to sit in a certain position. Then I took a meditation class at the Academy for Psychic Studies. It was my first formal meditation class outside of the yoga classes. The techniques taught were really simple and it was easy to do. The most difficult part for me was the first few minutes of squirming, where I was unwinding from everything that had me wound up all day.

What I loved about the class was I started seeing things change in my life as a result of doing the exercises. My goal had not been to make these external changes, my goal had been to be more certain of my own information so that I didn't experience so much doubt and confusion. But there were incredible benefits appearing in other areas of my life. It was like my life was balancing out. One of the big areas that I noticed a change in was my energy level. Before taking the meditation class, I would go home after work and just crash for the rest of the night feeling totally drained. I would also not leave my house much on the weekends, sleeping a lot or just doing nothing. After meditating for a few weeks, I noticed that I was no longer drained when I got home from work. I didn't want to spend my weekends holed up in my house anymore either. I felt more energetic and more enthused.

What I realized is that I was taking on a lot of other people's energy in my work and healing everyone around me. That was what was causing me to feel so drained. At the time, I was working with troubled kids in an inner city school. The meditation class taught me to start to be able to see the difference between what my energy vibration is and what it feels like when I match somebody else's vibration. I learned techniques where I could release stress, which is really releasing energy that does not belong to me. I started having the experience that when I am at my vibration, I am happy and energized. When I am feeling stressed, I am really running off of other people's energy. This translates into matching other people's emotional levels, and physically and emotionally feeling their expectations on me.

Meditation 1 teaches you how to work on the energy level. You learn about your energy body; the chakras, energy channels and aura, which is the system your life-force energy runs in. By working on the energy level, I learned that I didn't have to analyze or figure things out. By clearing my energy of what was not at my vibration, I was clearing what was clouding me from experiencing peace of mind and body. By emptying the cup, so to speak, I could then receive what was mine and be filled with my own vibration. Practically, this translates into getting in touch with my own information. This was the answer I was looking for in my original quest. My answers were within me and I just needed to clear away what was blocking me from seeing them. I didn't have to think about them. I just needed to be able to receive them, which I wasn't able to when I was out of the range of my own vibration.

What I learned in Meditation 1 is still just as effective and healing in my today as it was 20 years ago when I first learned it. It has made all the difference in my life, and I can honestly say that I rarely doubt myself anymore. 


Ghost Hunters - Psychics At Work
By Kathy Bibeau

I'm a big fan of the Scifi channel program "Ghost Hunters”, where a team of paranormal investigators go to allegedly "haunted" sites, equipment in hand, with the goal to either debunk or find evidence of the paranormal. What I love about the show is that they use scientific evidence to validate the existence of the paranormal,
while at the same time validating the psychic awareness of the people who are experiencing the activity.

Here at the Academy for Psychic Studies we teach people how to validate themselves and their experiences using their intuitive skills and psychic abilities. These psychic abilities come with the body, they help you "sense" energy, and they don't require the use of any special equipment. This means you can be your own "ghost hunter" with just your body.

The students in the Clairvoyant Training Program recently had an opportunity to do their own "ghost hunt". We were invited to a home where the owners were experiencing some unexplained paranormal activity. This included objects moving by themselves, the volume of the stereo turning up and down, and a general sense of a "presence" in the home. The owners believed that their house was being haunted by either the spirit of a young man whose items were being stored at the home or the spirit of the father of one of the women who had lived there.

Our approach to this ghost hunt was to do a house reading using our clairvoyance, which is the ability to read mental image pictures. The readers validated what the home owners were experiencing when they tuned into the spirit of the deceased father. They described qualities this man had and gave feedback about what they perceived were the reasons why he was in the house. These pictures had to do with unresolved issues the man had had when he had dropped his body that had left him in a state of agitation. The man's daughter was present during the reading and the experience validated for her the strong love connection between herself and her father.

The readers also did healing work on the spirit of the deceased father to help him release the pictures that were making it difficult for him to move on. After doing healing work on the deceased man, the vibration in the house was noticeably different. It became peaceful because the energies that had caused the deceased father to be in a state of agitation had been cleaned out of his space so that he could be more at rest. The experience was validating for everyone. 



The Great Beyond Nowhere To Be Now-here

By Rev. William H. Duby
Pastor & Founder, 1945-2001

This article was originally written in 1990 and is presented here in an edited form.

I have been asked by many about death and the here-after. So, being the “kind, sweet and gentle soul” that ‘I AM’ (humor), I had thought to sort out the truth from the lie on the subject.

Death has been a great mystery to the people of the earth with the exception of those who have allowed enlightenment to descend upon them. And, of course, those who have ‘passed on’ into the great beyond.
It has been said that death is the last enemy (competitor) of mankind. We can see the intuitive sense of that statement if we lift up our eyes (exercise second sight) and begin to be on lookout for the glorious Mind that was ensouled within the life and times of the Master, Christ Jesus.

It was Jesus who proved, at least to those who were witnesses, that death (mortality) can be overcome in a practical manner. In fact, death must be overcome if we are to arise to the occasion and become renewed (reborn) by the grace of the Living God and begin life afresh (His way of being like Him). So, if we’d look with a thankful mind and glad heart at what Christ accomplished through the body of Jesus we’d clearly see that death (mortality) is but a doorway (portal) into the great beyond (immortality).
Christ converted the outer presence of Jesus into the inner quintessence of Himself. Likewise, He converted the inner quintessence of Himself into the outer presence of Jesus. Hence, He was more here than ever before. All because He went through the doorway. After all, one cannot be done without the other or an imbalance would occur. Or, as the spiritual law does declare, “As above so below”. The inner always serves the outer.
Where did Jesus go? He went NOWHERE! That’s right! Is there someplace to go save being ‘upstairs’ of here? He went NOWHERE. Jesus just changed form. Christ transformed Jesus into the Supreme Being of Himself. Jesus became invisible (unseen).

Prior to the death and resurrection of Jesus - He’s referred to as: “Jesus Christ”. The putting of the title Christ before Jesus rather than after Jesus is the indication by symbology that a transformation and/or changeover had taken place. A cross-ifi-cation (cross over) through crucifixion (death). A switching of places through spaces had taken place for the salvation of the human race. In other words, death had finally been overcome. Conquered, if you will. Subjugated!

Now the obvious question happens to be: “Can we do like Jesus did?” The answer to that question is clear. Jesus said, “I by myself can do is the Father (Christ) within me that doeth the works.” Assuredly, if we allowed the Mind (Christ) to be in us (actively so) which was in Jesus then it would go without saying that we could do the same.
The Christ Mind is the builder of life eternal. That Great Mind has no doubt whatsoever. Yet, we cannot do as Jesus with the mind of the world and/or the ‘mommy mind, daddy mind, etc.”. That mentality is mindless when it comes to matters of the spirit. Besides, it was not Jesus which did the work of putting Himself into the invisible world. It was Christ which became Jesus by the law of assumption. Meaning, Christ assumed Jesus by indwelling within Jesus. This act, in itself, was the catalyst for the transfiguration of Jesus.

The difference between the Master Jesus, and ourselves is simple. While embodied upon earth He was dedicated in bearing witness of His Father (Christ). So much so that He was faithful in His devotion to exemplify the Eternal Love of His Father unto the humanity at large. I guess I am saying that He not only met His calling with open arms, He embraced the opportunity to remain steadfast in ensuring He died daily to the will of Christ. All because He desired above all else that the Father’s will be done.
No man save Jesus has ever done that great work. And I suspect that no man will ever do that work again. It is my opinion, and my opinion only, that because of Jesus giving up His life for the sake of Christ, that Christ has proper place in this world as the Savior. There is no other. No one can complete us save He who created us into being. Jesus, unlike anyone else, loved the Father (Christ) with all His heart, soul and strength. He was selfless in His devotion. There is no wonder that He attained what the Guru’s of the East call the state of bliss.

Jesus adored Christ. He proved that He was willing to die rather than not listen to Christ and act accordingly to the Supreme Will. Jesus was rebellious as far as the world (powers that were) was concerned. Not, however, according to the God of His heart. His eye (third eye) was single, therefore, full of light. In truth, He was independent. So much so that He didn’t give a damn. And when you don’t give a damn you are incapable of blocking anyone from heaven or hell. You’re neutral! Emotionally, detached from the grandeur of illusion. You have plain sight! You see it like it is rather than how you’d like for it to be.

Jesus demonstrated by dedication the sincere way to worship God. He said, “Those who worship the Father must worship Him in Spirit and in truth.” Jesus not only said it but did it. He didn’t give lip service by saying that He believed in God and did things contrary to things which God would do. Hell no! Jesus was busy acting out the beliefs of God. He was not two faced in any sense of the word. He gave death no excuse for trying to take His life. This is why the Holy Writ does say: “They killed Him without cause.”

When you are so caught up in the spirit that you become the Spirit in which you are caught, then devotion becomes the ecstasy of your stay of execution. You can see no evil, say no evil and hear no evil. All you care about is giving life (presence) to the Father (Christ) in place of the life of the egocentricity which you inherited in the flesh. You’ve achieved atonement. All because you do not believe that there’s separation in Divine Mind. If this be the case, how can death hold you? It can’t exist for the simple reason that you have no life of your own. You’re not trying to make (recreate) your own reality. You are simply owning the reality upon which you were made and/or were created into being in the first place.
You’ve made the greatest investment in your life by accepting yourself as the vessel of the Father. The only life you have is the life of Christ which is the life of the ONE which knows not death. In this intuitive sense, you’ve overcome death long before death tries to prove you a liar. You’re grounded in your proper place and purpose of being. Your presence speaks for itself. You are convicted. You’re senior in the reality of owning your divine information which intuitively guides you to do the right thing, at the right time, for the upright reason.

Jesus did not think it blasphemy to see Himself equal with God. Nor, I might add is it blasphemy for Christ to see us in the same Light as the perfected Jesus. For, in truth, if He could see us in any different Light then there could be no such thing as grace (unmerited favor). And since God is gracious and the compassion of Jesus did prove the existence of Christ, then it is common sense that we’ve got it made already whether we realize it or not. All that stands in our way is our unconscious state of ignorance which is hell bent on keeping us clouded upon the issue of life and death.
What is death? Death is the belief(s) which helps us believe that we are separated from God. When, in truth, we can not be separated from God save us believing so. It is those beliefs which must be uprooted by God through the proper exercise of our mentality or thinking in the light of the truth. As we do, devoutly so, “blowing the pictures” so to speak, we become clearer upon the subject of life and death. The sooner we do this great work the better off we’ll be.

In truth, there is no death. All that exists is life. If we should think otherwise then we are other than wise in our thinking. In the end, it will be as in the beginning. There never was any death until we entertained the hell of deathest thinking. And furthermore - until we learn to die daily, psychologically speaking, from believing we’re separated from God, then we’ll die more away from the truth than we ever dared live.

Where is the great beyond? It is here once you learn to go beyond the beliefs of your imagination which says otherwise. To the degree we are willing to ‘lighten up, let go and let God’ do the works of exercising His Holy Spirit through the presence of ourselves upon this earth, is to the degree that we’ll be prepared to enter the domain which Jesus experienced as heaven. As said, “It is the Father’s good pleasure to give us the kingdom. He’s not, however, going to hand it to us on a silver platter.” We are going to have to prepare ourselves to ‘get out of the way’ and allow the Christ of God to reform our mental body like did Jesus.

Will we go into heaven like Jesus did? I don’t know for certain. But I do know that the only one in heaven is Jesus! Christ doesn’t know that any other life exists! So, we might as well begin to realize that we have to put off the life which ‘mommy and daddy’ gave us and take upon ourselves the life which Christ gave this earth as Jesus. If we’re having a problem with Jesus being the life of God - then we’re in trouble. Not with Christ and/or Jesus. With ourselves because we’re not the Self doing the thinking!
I pray that this article has helped you beyond belief. May the Lord enliven you by the grace which is His lamp stand of love upon this earthen sphere.
Rev. Bill

P.S. - Realize, some may have a problem with Jesus. At the same time, please realize, Jesus has no problem with them. If they can’t see what I have shared here then they have no psychic ability worth mentioning. In fact, I doubt that they are very psychic at all. For, I know that it was the Apostle Peter which first exercised his psychic ability to discern that it was the “Living God” which had incarnated as the very life and times of Jesus Christ. Jesus said it Himself, “Good Peter, NO MAN HAS REVEALED THIS UNTO YOU.....Upon this Rock (Truth) - I will build my church.” In other words, Christ is building a Church and/or Body of Humanity which will be just as Clairvoyant as the Apostle Peter. Like it or lump it - it is going to happen to us all! At least those which refuse to have a problem with Jesus. Then, possibly, matters of the psychical will have some credibility. 



October - November 2006 Issue


Editorial Hello & Welcome!
by Kathy Bibeau

Welcome to another issue of the American Spirit Newspaper. This issue contains articles that relate to the start of the Holiday Season. The Holidays are the “Holy Days”, meaning a time to reflect upon what is Holy or Spiritual. What a perfect match for the American Spirit Newspaper, a paper dedicated to spreading the good news that you are a spirit with a body, and that as such, you have psychic talents and spiritual rights, the awareness of which will help you to live a prosperous, healthy and fulfilling life on all levels.

In this issue you will find articles related to the Fall Equinox, the events that kick off the beginning of the Holiday Season. In the article by Robin DuMolin on the “Meaning of the Fall Season”, you will learn why this is a most valuable time of year on the energy level. The energy on the planet at this time of year is ideal for you go within and put your attention on yourself as a spiritual being, so you can let go of the old and prepare to renew yourself for the coming New Year.

To enhance your understanding, in this issue there is also an article on “Creating and Destroying as a Spirit”. As a spirit with a body you have the ability to destroy on the energy level those things that are no longer working in your life, and also create on the energy level what you want to experience so that the changes you are seeking in the outer world will manifest more easily for you. Knowing how to effectively create and destroy on the energy level gives you a heads up, so to speak, to work with the energy on the planet at this time of year so that you can create the best life for yourself that is possible.

For those of you who like ghost stories as Halloween draws near, we have an article entitled, “What Happens When A Spirit Gets Stuck”. Learn the truth about this phenomena that will demystify your understanding.

Our article this issue by Rev. William Duby, the founder of the American Spirit Newspaper is “The Great Beyond, Nowhere To Be Now-here”. In it he dispels the mystique around death, presenting it as a “doorway to the beyond”. He discusses how by following the example of Jesus Christ we can frame our beliefs about our life on earth in such a way that we recognize ourselves as spiritual beings with life eternal.
This issue also contains our regular features, such as the crossword puzzle and astrology column. This issue’s Psychic Health column, by Debi Livingston, discusses the energy behind ulcers and how hypnosis can be used to facilitate stress reduction and thereby the healing of ulcers. And there is our column by our very own Bay Area Pet Psychic, who addresses your questions about your pets.

Enjoy the start of this Holiday Season by treating yourself to the insights contained within these pages. You may find within things you know but simply never took the time to realize.